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A Marketing Tale of 2 Tails

Understanding Long & Short Tail Marketing

Don’t Cut-off your Tail to Elevate Your Pretty Face

One of my favorite radio commercials is an AT&T commercial that talks about Howard’s Rug.  It’s a fictitious store that carries one rug and the owner doesn’t want to advertise his business because somebody might buy his rug, and then he would be out of business.  I like the commercial because it is on the fringe of lunacy and no real business would really think that way.  Right?  

Well, not exactly. 

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Website Clutter

Do you put Crap on Your Website?

My Dad, bless his heart, has been saying for the past 20 years that he really needs to learn how to use the computer.  To this day, I don’t think he really knows how to use email very well, but he has learned how to use the Reply button.  Then early this summer, I received a card from him. I opened it up and saw a graphic image of an easel that looked like the early days of clip art, and lo and behold, on the easel was a poor quality picture of my dad, embedded in the clip art.  Inside the card, it said, Hope you have a good summer.   Considering that he doesn’t even remember to send me a birthday card (and that’s ok because I love him anyway), why in the world would he send this card?  

Stay with me here - I really am going to make a point about relevant content and marketing your campground or RV Park...

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Software as a Service Explained - As Only Gary Can

Getting SaaS-y . . . (it’s not what you think!)

In today’s tough economy it’s more important than ever to make it easy for consumers to find you and make a reservation – the way they want, whenever they want - online, telephone, fax or walk-in.  Technology is playing a key role in changing the way businesses manage those consumer interactions.  Some operators are finding that technology can significantly grow their revenue, save them time, or even save their “bacon” as I will describe in an example later in this posting.

As technology evolves, it becomes increasingly important to keep up with the trends or run the risk of becoming disadvantaged from your competition, especially as it relates to how you attract and service your guests.  Increasingly, the hospitality and other travel related industries are looking at the way technology is delivered as an opportunity to free up time, save energy and resources, focus attention on guest satisfaction, and ultimately create a competitive advantage .   It’s really a matter of convenience and making technology work for you, rather than you working for it.

Let me explain the evolution of convenience...

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Yield Management for Campground Operators

Oh My Gosh, What if Someone Complains...

Like many college students, I slept through most of my economics classes.  My University held Wednesday night dances that didn’t start until 10:00 and “of course” I only stayed for 30 minutes because I wanted to be alert for my 8:00AM Economics class the next morning.  Needless to say, occasionally I would raise my head off my desk and try to listen to the concepts of Supply and Demand.  At the time, little did I realize that I would see Supply and Demand permeate everywhere throughout my adult life.   Ever try to buy tickets to a sold out Jimmy Buffet concert?  Prepare to pay double the ticket list price.  A few years ago my wife needed to buy a Furby for a Christmas present and I couldn’t find one in any store.  So I ended up paying over $100 on eBay only to watch the prices drop to $30 the week after Christmas.  And then the ultimate example of Supply and Demand is Gasoline prices, for which we all love making our weekly contributions toward the construction of palm island and indoor skiing resorts in Dubai.

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Accrual Accounting in Property Management Systems

I Dont Know About You, But I'm Excited !

written by Gary Pace, CEO and President of Leisure Holding, Inc

I try to make most of my postings fun to read by inserting a bit of “tongue and cheek” humor into my comments and examples.  When I decided to write about different approaches to Accrual Accounting in property management systems, I thought “now there is a hot topic.”  As my mind wandered, I thought of the little tax accountant in the movie Ghostbusters who threw a party and claimed “I’m deducting this party from my taxes, that’s why I invited clients instead of friends.”  As a former financial guy myself, I realized it just doesn’t get any better than that.

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